Fay Nicolson & Oliver Smith


Re-Makers of Simple Furniture

November 2011

A display environment created by Fay Nicolson and Oliver Smith to house The Anti-Library; an exhibition initiated by Paul Pieroni in the Library at SPACE, London, 2011. The Anti-Library explores ideas of anti-knowledge and un-learning; inviting 150 contributors to present a single unread book from their own collection alongside a short text. Fay and Oliver's piece Re-makers of Simple Furniture focuses on personal book collections, the domain of domestic (dis)order and the legacy of homely British Modernism. This display scenario references a modular unit made in 1932 by Gerald Summers and his wife, Marjorie Butcher. Through repetition and quotation, this installation subverts the unit's dialectic and modular function whilst acknowledging its ramifications within popular, mass-produced furniture design.